For Boys and Girls!

Our tumbling program is stronger, safer, and better in developing the whole athlete. 

Our certified, developmental approach promises to develop the most talent in the most tumblers. The traditional "Drill & Kill" approach of continual heavy repetition helps roughly 25% of the most talented athletes develop specific skills, but does so without providing the background necessary for continued advancement.  Without developmental training, these tumblers are more prone to injury and a majority will never be able to display the skills they desire.

Under Trinity's individualized developmental approach, athlete's minds, muscles, and bodies are properly prepared, allowing our athletes to ultimately develop more advanced skills, while our most talented athletes can perform higher difficulty/advancd level skills with less risk of injury.


Tumble 1 (1st Grade+)

This is the perfect class for students starting tumbling for the first time, those moving up from our Kindergym program, or those aspiring tumblers/cheerleaders desiring to gain a successful skill base to build upon for advanced tumbling.  In this one-hour class, our dedicated coaches will challenge and guide students to learn tumbling basics including cartwheels, back and front walkovers/limbers, roundoffs, forward/backward rolls, handstands, and an introduction to back and front handsprings.

Tumble 2 (1st Grade+)

In this level, our coaches skillfully design each one-hour class to further develop students' confidence and proper technique with more advanced stations, drills and skills.  Athletes continue to work on front and back handsprings, learn round off rebounding, standing flip flops, and dive deeper into developing forward flipping and round off/flip flop/back handspring connections.

Tumble 3+

Athletes entering this level must have mastered their standing flip flop as well as their round off/flip flop connection on the spring floor.  Through expert coaching, students will work toward mastery of multiple flip flops/back handsprings in a row to tucks, pikes, layouts, fulls, and double fulls.  Utilizing individualized stations and focused drills, these advanced athletes learn standing tucks and tuck fulls, as well as twisting and specialty passes such as whips, tuck to flip flops, and Arabians.  Forwards tumbling is integrated throughout to develop the athlete as a whole.  This carefully crafted class seeks to grow gifted athletes quickly and safely by using proper progressions and drills so as to ensure their future in the dynamic and exciting world of tumbling.

Jonathan Kivley

Co-owner, Tumbling/Cheer Tumbling Program Director/Diagnostician

As head of the Tumbling/Cheer Tumbling program at Trinity, Jonathan Kivley has distinguished himself as a gifted and sought-out diagnostician and tumbling coach.  Jonathan's keen eye for tumbling details and sequencing allows him to identify specific skill weaknesses and develop unique, individualized training regimens to correct the errors in form or technique preventing tumblers from accomplishing their goals.  Highly recommended by high school cheer coaches past and present, Jonathan's developmental approach propels many a tumbler to achieve their goals of excellence in tumbling...and that coveted place on the squad!

In addition to the world of tumbling, Jonathan is Trinity's Boys Team Head Coach and one of the foremost boys' coaches in USAG Region 5!   A former multi-year USAG National Level 10 Qualifier himself, he has helped several boys and girls qualify for regional and national gymnastics events.  A highly valued judge for local and regional gymnastics competitions, including the prestigious USAG Future Stars Program, Jonathan is one of the few independent club owners welcome on the floor of public high school competitions.