Our Mission

“Training Champions in Body, Mind and Spirit”

“Training Champions”

At Trinity Academy of Gymnastics, we strive to instill the attitude of a champion in each one of our students. Our idea of a champion is not someone who always beats the competition or never loses, rather, to us a champion is someone who never quits giving their very best — someone who won’t let a mistake keep them down. We desire that each student develop a real “I can do it” attitude that lifts them up when they fall. This is what makes a champion in real life.

“In Body”

The sports we teach here at Trinity — gymnastics, tumbling, aerial arts, and ninja — are among the most difficult of all sports.   Athletes in these disciplines are some of the strongest in the world because of how these sports train the human body. Here at TAG we believe everyone can benefit from participation in our classes.  We want every student who enters our doors to come away physically stronger. Being involved in physical activity is not only good for the body, it is also good for the soul. Physical activity stimulates our athlete’s bodies and improves their mental health.

“In Mind”

Training the mind is one of the hardest things we do here at TAG. Our brains are message centers that tell the body what to do in every movement. Every action must pass from the mind to the body. Through our expert coaching, we endeavor to develop within each child the tools to be a champion “in mind”.  We teach each athlete how to break skills down and analyze them piece by piece.  If they heed our instruction, they will begin to think like champions.  Each child possesses inestimable intrinsic worth and a variety of different gifts and talents.  This is why we work hard — so that they know they are important and that they matter to us regardless of the outcome. We wrestle with them through the thought processes until they understand that making mistakes is not “wrong”, but rather an opportunity to learn and improve. This is what builds an, “I Can Do It!” attitude in our champions.

“In Spirit”

We select coaches who possess the ability to transfer a spirit of excitement and love for their sport to every child with whom they come in contact. We also coach with the intention of instilling in each child a feeling of worth and the building blocks for a successful life no matter what they chose to do.


We are about raising kids up to be champions in life — not simply champions in a specific athletic discipline (although we love doing that as well!)  We are about partnering together to raise young men and women empowered to take on life’s challenges one step at a time.  We are about building strong, healthy kids in “Body, Mind and Spirit”.