Jonathan Kivley has distinguished himself as one of the best boys' coaches in USAG Region 5! A former multi-year qualifying USAG Level 10 National's gymnast himself, Jonathan has now helped several boys and girls qualify for regional and national gymnastics events, serves as a sought after judge for local and regional boys events (including the prestigous USAG Future Stars program), and is one of the few independent club owners welcome on public High School gymnastics competition floors!
Edmar Nicolas is our head girl's team coach, tumbling coach and general manager. A nine-year military and Iraqi war veteran, Edmar competed four years in high school gymnastics, cheer, and adagio (and other sports) and has coached gymnastics since 1998. A father of two young gymnasts, he considers himself as much a role-model as coach. Edmar believes, "The key to becoming successful in gymnastics is discipline, safety, and never losing sight of how fun it is."


Kids of all ages learn real gymnastics on real equipment. Many make competitive team ... some earn scholarships, but they all have great fun developing a champion's body, mind, and spirit in a nurturing, supportive environment!

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Coach Danny Ogura has a dual role at TAG: Recreation/ Tumbling Director and Girls Team Assistant Coach. Having won national Cheer titles with Fame All-Stars and TVCC, Danny has now coached cheer/tumbling for 15 years and competitive gymnastics for 4 years. He is all about "persevering through failure to achieve your goal!" and now specializes in confidence, overcoming mental blocks, and restarting tumbling careers. His favorite quote is, "Don't talk about it, be about it!"

Charles "Chucky" Dela Cruz is the "utility infielder" of our gym. Besides being our Pre-school director, Chucky helps out with team, tumbling, recreation, Parkour, Aerial Arts, dance (including Hip Hop and Breakdancing), open gym, parent's night out, and everything else we ask him to do.  He is Safety Certified by USAG and has coached gymnastics for 15 years, dance for 12 years, and performed in a circus for one year.
Jenna Rizzo coaches recreational and preschool gymnastics, parkour, and is one of our superb birthday party staff. A veteran high school cheerleader and winner of her team's Sportsmanship Award and "I Got Heart" Award, Jenna's philosophy of "Hard work never rests, but you have to have fun" makes her popular with kids and parents alike.  Her passion of working with kids in the classroom and gym shines through in everything she does.
Marvin Richardson has finally started doing what he truly loves--teaching and coaching. After 30 years in sales, Marvin now lets his "inner-child" romp freely in the gym. Only the limitless energy generated by the kids he loves reminds him of his "outter-adult" with its age, fatigue, and responsibilities. Marvin is around when you hear his short, sing-song, finger-wagging "Youuuuuuuuuuuu."
Demi Richardson handles much of our events/birthday planning and marketing. Every business needs a hard-driving, sales-oriented, everything-organizing person so the rest of us can play. With her Penn State background in Criminal Justice, Sociology, & IT, Demi's motto of "Keep your commitments!" complements her emphasis on "SALES! GROWTH! RETENTION!" This message has been approved by her husband, Marvin.
Heather Nicolas is one of our girls competitive team coaches and wife of Edmar. Experienced in competitive dance and cheer, Heather is USAG Safety Certified and has completed all USAG requirements as a gymnastics coach. Besides loving kids learning new skills, Heather empasizes the details of great gymnastics over adequate gymnastics with, "Squeeze your tushy! Point your toes!"
Christian Lundsford now coaches recreational gymnastics classes and pre-team competitive classes. A ten-year veteran of club gymnastics, four-year Varsity high-school gymnast, two-time All-American gymnast and All-American Elite gymnast, Christian loves helping kids have fun while while working the hardest they have ever worked at anything AND continue being excited about coming to gymnastics practice.

Kate Seidel is one of our many USAG Safety Certified coaches. First competing as a Level 8 USAG gymnast and later as a Level 5 competitive Cheerleader, Kate began her coaching career with us as a high school junior. Now, having experienced other gyms and programs, she appreciates even more how we challenge our athletes to develop necessary grace and strength while keeping our gym "always filled with joy!"

Ashley Blitek is a high school senior with 15 years experience in tumbling and cheer (four years as a Prarie Ridge Varsity Cheerleader).  Having five years coaching experience and a National Society of High School Scholars student, Ashley credits school and sports for shaping much of who she is today. She says, " I love kids and ANYTHING to do with gymnastics and tumbling."
Simon Smart is a tumbling and cheer expert hailing from the University of Louisville where he was part of a three-time National Champion Cheerleader squad.  In addition, Simon is a NCA Champion at Level 6 Open Co-Ed. He follows the philosophy of "Be about it & stop talking about it!" while getting really excited about seeing the beaming faces of students when they finally accomplish a skill they have worked so dilligently to master.
Parkour Coach Rebecca Rhyner helped develop the parkour program at TAG. An experience tumbling Coach, Becky believes "Failure isn't an end--its a lesson.  Learn from it and come back better the next time." In her free time, Becky studies Mechanical Engineering (and maybe Computer Science) while also taking flying lessons for her private pilot's license. Seeing excitement in kids when they accomplish skills for the first time makes her efforts worthwhile to her.

Jon Klemens

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LeeAnn Kent coaches recreation classes and tumbling while working her way through Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. Specificly trained by Danny, Lee Ann loves helping people work toward achieving their goals and says, "My goal is for all the kids in my classes to achieve greatness through hard work while also having fun."
Colin Goerdt is a Parkour coach that is more fun than a three-ring circus--maybe because of his 5 years spent as a circus performer! Match that to his 5+ years dedication to mastering Parkour and you have a coach ready to challenge the accepted limits of what others say is possible. His philosophy of "When you find your limit, take a deep breath and leap past it!" excites his students to do things they never thought were possible.
Alicia Vulchev is another one of our competitive team coaches with a rich personal background in gymnastics now "passing it forward" for the love of her students and the sport. A parent of a high level gymnast and now a Doctor of Chiropractic, Alicia has coached 14 years and helped several gymnasts achieve college scholarships. She loves helping girls overcome fears, build confidence, and learn "If you fall, get right back up. This is a lesson for all of life."
Deana Lehl splits time between recreational coaching and office assistance. Certified in the public school system through IHSA, her background as a gymnast, Illinois State Power Tumbling Champion (top 5 Nationals), and cheerleader gives her a lot of personality -- so we've reserved two of her best (personalities) for TAG. She remembers,  "I looked up to my coaches and I hope to have the same impact on the kids."
Britney Hammel is a Marian Central high school senior with over six years of gymnastics experience.  Teaching and coaching recreational gymnastics, Britney also loves cheer and tumbling. Her life's motto is, "Never give up!"  Britney loves cats, hates cameras, and requested a picture of a cat for her staff photo.